Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Plea for Help

“Legion of the Extraordinary,” said the bored sounding and staticky female voice, “this is Marissa. How can we aid you today?”
“This is the Babydoll Bruiser,” Anna responded quickly but (she hoped) without any audible note of panic, “in—”
“I’m sorry, the who?” She didn’t sound so much bored now as intentionally nasty. There was sill static, though.
“I—uh—I—I’m called the ‘Babydoll Bruiser’ and I--”
“I do not know of any Legionnaire by that codename, Ma’am. Please provide your full identification number so that I may locate your record.”
“But I’m not a Legionnaire, I’m just—”
“Then just who are you, Ms ‘Babydoll Bumbler’?”